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How to Build a Bigger Game?

The way to grow your game in business and investments is by working with others. So the main question is; Do you know how to attract others to make them want to do deals with you?

Are you able to structure some win/win business models or are you too much or a competitor?

Do you realize that you could reach a level where high net worth people like real estate or angel investors and/or Venture capitalists could seek you out to do deals with you because you are able to offer, add or create value for them like no on else?

So what does it take to not pursue people or deals and have them come to you?

Well, to attract others into your business and investments you must have:

1) The knowledge (practical experience)
People want to join someone with a practical experience not just someone with an idea and some theoretical concepts and concept as to how to implement it.

2) The ability to take action (time and energy)
You must be able to show your own commitment to time and the effort to get things done in an ethical, safe and profitable manner. At the end of the day, it is results that count.

3) A network (be connected)
You must build your network of people early on, as this grows and compounds on itself, just like money does over time. Good people introduce you to better people and the influence of the group creates a bigger momentum that helps everyone.

4) The credit and money (access to)
Building your credit is something you must keep working on since it gives you the needed leverage to expand your reach and do bigger deals. You should build personal and business credit and keep your banking relationship positive and growing as credit lines and cash reserves will come handy both in difficult times of contractions and in great times of expansions.

5) Good reputation (reliable, with proven results)
One of the most valuable things you can build over time is your reputation of reliability, and your track record of good performance and outstanding results. The idea is to over deliver. Exceed expectations so the network you build stays with you and refers more business to you. It can take you a lifetime to build your reputation so you must guard it with your life.

6) Deals, strategies and structure (the offer)
It is not enough to just have good deals to attract others. You must explain your strategies, show proof that they work and most importantly have a structure so those who want to join you can understand clearly what is offered to the. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has rules for those who want to raise capital or deploy it on behalf of others and if you have everything spell out in a Private Placement Offering, you will be able to do business with other and and grow your game by exchanging value and delivering as promised.

Next week I will be in Dallas to speak about raising capital based on the new SEC rules. I will share how anyone can grow their game and do bigger deals whether in real estate or in business and how the new rules of finance and technology are quietly and slowly changing the way we will conduct business in the future.

Wishing you growth and expansion!