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“The World of Raising Capital and making huge returns in real estate.”

Through the educational area on we offer special training about group investing to show investors & developers how to become successful at raising capital for their real estate opportunities.

We believe no matter how much money you have; there are more opportunities in real estate than there is money readily available, so those who know how to partner up, create Joint Ventures and set up syndications (private fund offerings), AND utilize technology through will win big and will get the best deals.

We have been involved in setting up successful funds for a few years now. And now we are pioneering the crowd-funding world online.

Our goal is to have developers and investors trained on creating their own funds to offer similar opportunities to others and grow with investors by cooperating in the real estate business instead of competing.

Our developers and investors should be able to raise millions of dollars using the principles, methods and strategies learned from our experience in the business. We also give you the documents and the resources you need to get started immediately.

The opportunities are endless and there are no special requirements for anyone to set up his/her own private syndication offering to raise as much money as they wish provided of course they have the training, knowledge and proper support through our Crowdfund Express team!