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How to reach your potential in real estate investing (Part-1)

Most investors have taken enough seminars and read enough books about real estate investing to have a few strategies in mind to make money.

What they lack are two things:
1) Finding a good deal on a regular basis
2) Having the capital to make each deal happen

In this two-part blog, I will briefly go over how these challenges can be handled and what I am doing for my student/investors to give them a live event to make sure they are on track for a huge success in their local market.

Challenge One:

1) Finding good deals on a regular basis:

The problem:
Amateurs think that to find a good deal they must spend time checking general stats, reading articles and reviewing studies about where the real estate market is going. At the end of the day, they are more confused than when they started.

The solution:
Real estate investing has always been about three basic steps:
1) Focusing on an area,
2) Selecting a specific type of property,
3) Knowing the values.

The real profits are magnified when you learn to:
1) Identify the right area to focus on,
2) Know which type of property to select in that area and why
3) Apply the right formulas based on understanding the difference between price and value.

All of the above has nothing to do with general statistics, and macro economic studies in any city anywhere at anytime.

I made millions by repeating these simple, yet powerful steps both in residential real estate for my hedge fund and in commercial real estate for my personal holdings. Each year I do one intensive live event to delve deeply into these principles and formulas so everyone could understand how I have created a safe and profitable system that has been automated and scaled. My system is known now as: The “Million Dollar Recipes to Real Estate Wealth”.

Amateurs who do not have the understanding (not just the knowledge) regarding these business models, end up doing a deal or two a year and become obsessed about how to do better all the time to no avail. They become fixated on finding good deals and end up spending more time and effort than necessary for that task.

I will be holding a live training event on July 24th, 25th, 26th, 2015 to cover the latest updates on how to find more great deals than you can possibly handle and how to grow exponentially in your real estate investing endeavors.