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How to Create a Bigger Game in Real Estate Investing

During my July 2015 live real estate training event in Santa Clara, CA. I explained to my students how they could get started on the road to becoming successful Real Estate Fund Managers.

This live event will create several millions of dollars in business growth for a select few student/investors and myself in the next few months as we raise and deploy capital in some residential and commercial real estate projects in the next few months.

How could that be?

Well, about a dozen of these attendees have joined me in co-sponsoring a new real estate fund to raise new capital and deploy it safely, ethically and profitably.

This program will help co-Sponsoring students learn how I draft the PPM creatively and they could actively raise capital under the SEC exemption rules. Being with me in this fund, gives them instant credibility and branding to raise the capital and get paid for their management and involvement efforts even if they do so on a part time basis.

Within a year they will have a formal prior performance record with the SEC based on how the fund is doing. They will also have had the chance to build their own database of investors from whom they would’ve raised capital. Their investors will remain in their network for life and they could easily branch out on their own to eventually grow with their own fund and hopefully partner up with my other funds on future deals.