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Are there any additional investments required?

The shareholder may be required to make an investment of capital contribution in the amount of One Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars ($150,000) to be invested into MIGSIF, LLC a Fund filed in Puerto Rico that pays a return of 6% per year for up to $250,000 invested. (This is based on amount of referral invoicing)

Are there fees or charges associated with my Investment?

Yes. There is a one-time Corporate Set-up Fee of One Thousand Five Hundred ($1,500) Dollars to set up a corporation in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. There is also another one time fee associated with taking one trip to Old San Juan to open the Corporation’s bank Account. (Approximate cost would be Two Thousand Dollars $2,000 including flight, transportation, meals and accommodations). No future trips are needed. 

In addition, there is the cost of the investment in one share currently at the price of $1,000 Additionally there is the monthly lease fee for bonafide office space of the the C corporation/ shareholder Lease is One Thousand ($1,000) Dollars a month representing its legal presence in Puerto Rico and part of its investment in the Puerto Rico economy.

There is also the fees to maintain the Corporation in good standing and filing the proper taxes each year.Total yearly fees shall be approximately $15,000/year but all dividend received shall be tax exempt inPuerto Rico. 

All fees are subject to change in the future at the Corporation’s discretion.

Can I keep my Investment for more than five (5) years?

Absolutely. The Corporation has been organized to operate for 20 years based on the tax Decree and it shall most likely apply for an additional 10 year extension as per the Grant.

Can I resell my Investment?

Yes. But only to the corporation at your initial investment amount.

How does a shareholder get paid?

  • GBA shall provide all approved services through its staff members and shall export such services as agreed in its engagement service contract with various companies globally.
  • GBA shall pay each shareholder up to 85% tax-exempt dividend pay out paid within 48 hours of invoice payment wire received. Such amount is based on referred business gross revenue collected.
  • GBA shall pay the tax, the staff and all other related expenses to conduct business and then it shall reinvest any profit it makes into the Puerto Rico economy to ensure long term prosperity for the Island.
  • Shareholder shall get paid only if GBA is able to export the approved business services according to the tax grant it received and only after each related invoice has been paid.


What do I need to do next?

Your next step should be to contact Cherif Medawar at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in order to discuss any pending questions and start the process including scheduling your flight to Puerto Rico where you will set up a corporation under the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and a bank account in San Juan.

What is my Investment date?

The Investment Date is the date you officially purchase the share of GBA AFTER your application Has been approved.


What is required to be a shareholder of GBA?

• A new C. Corp must be set up in Puerto Rico with a separate tax ID and bank account ($1,500)

• Each new C Corp shall fill out a special government application to receive a transfer of one share from GBA without any loss of control to GBA ($550 a one time fee)

• Once Government approval is received a non voting share shall be transferred at the current fee of One Thousand Dollars ($1,000)

• New shareholder C Corp shall enter into a lease agreement for the office space with GBA located at 205-2 Cristo St. Old San Juan PR 00901 ($12,000 per year on going and may be increased after 3 years to meet inflation by no more than three percent (3%) per year

• New C Corp, now shareholder shall attempt to refer business to GBA only by giving the names and contact information of high income companies and individuals who could benefit from the approved services that will be exported by GBA, the sole provider of such services (referral companies could include any companies they operate of control or have any influence over their decisions)

• Once such entities are invoiced and monies received – A tax exempt dividend payment of up to 85% shall be made to each respective shareholder as per decree granted to GBA.

• Shareholder may be asked to participate in other opportunities such as a minimum investment in A real estate fund that reinvests in Puerto Rico real estate or other businesses that may help in the economic recovery of the US Territory

• Shareholder may be asked to participate in other opportunities such as an insurance structure or other financial structure that could help GBA grow safer and more profitably with all its shareholders

• The President of each C Corporation which is a shareholder of GBA could take the net tax Exempt dividend and pay expenses, reinvest the capital, take it overseas or do with it as he/she wishes.

• At any time such an individual may decide to relocate to Puerto Rico and become a bona-fide resident by complying with the required laws at the time such as spending a minimum period of 183 days, having a residence, voting, becoming part of the community etc. (We recommend at least one full year if not two years). Each individual deciding to become a resident of PR must verify with an attorney the requirements at the time and once he/she is in full compliance he/she may take all or portion of their net tax exempt dividend income and bring it back to any state in the USA tax free.

• Shareholder understands that services are only provided by GBA – They will only be exported services- The services provided will only be as approved by the PR Gov.– They will never be provided to any company or individual who has any relationship or office or business in PR

• The Corporation shall retain the right to buy back the shares at anytime for any reason with or without cause at the same amount paid by the shareholder with or without notice.

• Each shareholder shall be responsible to maintain its corporation/shareholder entity in good Standing and shall file its taxes on time (service may be provided by GBA)

• Each shareholder shall receive a different class of shares with its own certificates that may have its own set of restrictions at the discretion of the CEO

• A shareholder may withdraw from his/her investment with a 5 day written notice and shall not offer his/her shares for sale to any other entity. In such case the Corporation shall make every effort to buy back the shares of the shareholder at his/her original investment amount. There will be no further obligation for either of the parties



What is the minimum amount of time I am committed to invest?

The investors/shareholders GBA seeks are interested in the long-term benefit of this Partnership. The Corporation believes that an optimal time frame would be a commitment of no less than five (5) years from the date of your investment. Nonetheless, should you need to withdraw your investment earlier, there are opportunities for resale your share back to the Corporation at the same amount you paid and if you have made any additional investments as required you will receive a full refund of the principal invested.


When are my monthly payments due?

Your payments are due on the 1st of each month and will be assessed a late fee of 10% if paid after the 5th of the month.