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Engage GBA to consult and advise you on how to increase your net profits in the shortest time possible.


This is your best opportunity to make instant and dramatic changes in your business and/or investments that can positively impact your marketing, operation, finance and technology

        Action:  Schedule a free no obligation call. 
        Goal:  Qualify as a GBA client (Guaranteed results!)
        Fees:  From $400,000 to several million per client (depending on business)

Business or Investment analysis preparation:

1) Type of business and activities
2) Current gross revenue
3) Yearly net profit before and after tax
4) Potential revenue
5) Challenges and obstacles
6) Action plan

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While many clients approach us each month, only a limited number of clients are accepted each quarter. That’s because our CEO, Cherif Medawar spends one-on-one time with clients like you to offer specific consultation details.


Cherif Medawar CEO of GBA and his power team of experienced professionals provide eligible consultation services to select clients. 
Exporting services out of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory, and into the United States and other international countries is in accordance with the Tax Grant extended to GBA Corp by the Department of Economic Development and Commerce. Consulting from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

This limited opportunity is more than just a wish to develop your business into its maximum potential – It is in fact a rare mentoring and consulting experience with a master wealth builder. This wholly enriching experience is designed to give you firsthand training in marketing, operation, finance and technology to take your business to the next level in terms of increased profit. 
Cherif is recognized as one of the top consultants in business and in real estate investing. 
Cherif has more than 15 commercial mixed use properties in Old San Juan that he has owned for over 12 years. 
He is also a real estate hedge fund manager in San Francisco, California since 2009 with approximately $50 Million of AUM: 
A best-selling author, national speaker and lecturer, Cherif has developed many successful multi-million dollar businesses. 
He co-authored a book withSteve Forbes titled “Successonomics.”
Currently, he is the only consultant who guarantees results once he accepts an engagement agreement with a specific client. 

Priceless advice. Guaranteed results! 


A Letter from Cherif

Dear Entrepreneur,

Clients often tell me they wish they could retain my consulting services on a full-time basis. These high achievers want to make certain their businesses operate at the highest productivity levels and that the value of their enterprises increases exponentially.
Let’s spend a few minutes over the phone discussing your business’ potential and challenges to see if, how and how much we can impact your bottom line.
I analyze each business model separately and develop a very specific action plan for each leader to take the enterprise to its highest and best performance.
One of the simplest techniques I use to help you grow your business is to have you identify and model the most successful competitors. We also look at ways for you to potentially collaborate with some of them to create a larger market share with higher revenue and increased net profit.
Entrepreneurs who experience GBA's consultation end up using the most effective principles that can continue to grow their business for many years to come.
My team and I also focus on the best tax incentives that can impact your bottom line without affecting your business operation or your potential growth.
In short, those who engage us to provide consulting services for them end up with the best formulas to create and capitalize on exceptional opportunities in business and in real estate with guaranteed bottom line increase in their net profits.



Consultation with Cherif Medawar
San Juan, Puerto Rico 

Learning the rules of wealth

▪ Principles of highest and best use for residential and commercial real estate investors, brokers and syndicators
▪ Advanced strategies for business expansion involving people, products, positioning, performance and profits
▪ Understanding and using the best entity structures and tax incentives that can improve your flow through and net profits year after year.

Meeting the industry experts

Nobody makes a fortune in a vacuum. It takes a team. GBA's expert advisors ensure proper communication and follow up with each client to get the results intended and create the right momentum for success and profit.

Putting it all together

▪ Identifying each enterprise’s true potential
▪ Listing all the obstacles and challenges
▪ Applying best practices from successful competitors
▪ Creating the right structures to grow the business
▪ Selecting the top notch team that creates a breakthrough
▪ Applying a proven system that allows you to automate it, scale it and sell it

Timeless principles that produce results in record time!

Consultations will only be offered to select companies based on their type of business and net revenue

This offer is limited to enterprises selected by Cherif Medawar. He discusses his own set of criteria with each entrepreneur. The good news is once you have been accepted in his consultation program, your growth and success are guaranteed.
Whether you are a start-up or a seasoned entrepreneur, whether you are a top executive, a business owner or a real estate investor, a broker or a syndicator, the strategies you will be exposed to during the consultation services will help you structure a bigger and more profitable system that will help you prosper beyond your expectations.
Our goal is to inspire and empower you to take your enterprise to the highest level of performance and results.

Our expert team is based in Puerto Rico. It is the most accessible island in the Caribbean, a part of the United States and one of the most enchanted places on earth! No passport is required for U.S. citizens.

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