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Who founded GBA and when did they do it?
GBA was founded in 2015 and has a tax grant with a 20-year decree issued by the US Territory of Puerto Rico. It is comprised of an expert team of business and legal advisors.

The Founder and CEO of GBA is Mr. Cherif Medawar. He leads the expert team of business and legal advisors. He is considered one of the highest paid consultants in the world because he produces the desired results in record time.

Medawar is a professional in different fields such as real estate investments and business developments.

He rubbed shoulder with billionaires and multimillionaire business gurus and celebrities through his real estate hedge fund and his other successful entrepreneurial ventures such as: and

What makes GBA different from other consulting companies?
GBA studies each case separately prior to committing to a written engagement of its eligible services and hence GBA is able to provide guaranteed increased profits to the select companies with whom they commit the time and expertise.

GBA also offers a partnership structure with some companies (based on a qualification process). This further enhances the net profit results for the respective company that engage GBA for its services.

GBA makes the bold promise that if it is unable to positively increase the net profit of the company that engaged it, such company you will owe GBA no fees whatsoever!

What we do?
Global Business Association (GBA) specializes in serving businesses and providing systems and methods that guarantee an increase in the yearly net profit or its services are free.

How do we do it?
Part of the engagement process with our firm is an assessment of your business in three parts:
1) Its potential
2) Its challenges
3) And its opportunities.

At the end of that process we are able to tell you what kind of services we can offer you and how much our involvement will impact your bottom line in increased profit. You can then decide if you want to engage GBA based on facts and figures.

When do we start?
Once you fill out our no risk, no obligation form attached, you will be contacted within 24 hours for a brief verbal consultation.

If we are able to assist you, we will send you an engagement letter and begin the services as agreed.

Who provides the services?
Our team of licensed professionals from Puerto Rico will provide the services by phone, online and via teleconferences. The team is comprised of expert business professionals and other licensed individuals.

Where are the services offered?
The services are exported out of Puerto Rico to individual investors and corporations worldwide. Our Main focus is on the US market since it is our main expertise and experience.

What services are offered?
Our services are spelled out in details in our engagement agreement with each company. They are based on the eligible services as approved by a Tax Grant offered to GBA. These services include: Marketing, finance, operation, real estate, and other services that are approved by the Government of Puerto Rico.

These services are associated with a specific tax incentive that can reduce your expenses including tax liability to approximately 15%.    

Who are the services offered to?
We are able to assist most high- income investors, business owners (Not on W2), licensed professionals and corporations.

Investors and business owners such as:
- Investors who hold real estate properties
- Dealers who buy and sell (flip) real estate
- Real Estate Contractors and Developers
- Traders in the stock market
- Business consultants

Licensed professionals such as:
- Real estate brokers
- Architects
- Engineers
- Attorneys
- Insurance brokers
- Art dealers
- Doctors
- Chiropractors
- Dentists

Corporations such as:
- Insurance companies
- Car dealers
- Real estate brokerage firms
- Mortgage firms
- Financial firms

And many more

No matter the business, GBA is able to offer a professional no obligation review to tell business owners and CEOs in advance if it can provide impactful profitable results to their company’s net profits.