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From survival to prosperity

Nature gave us “pain” as a warning device to tell us that we are approaching or that we have exceeded our limits mentally, emotionally or physically in some way.

This is our default mechanism for Survival.

At the same time, we know that if we wish to become stronger, we must push forward and nurture our minds, emotions and physical resistance beyond our comfort levels and perceived limits.

This is our conscious mechanism for Prosperity.

So is it “nature” or “nurture” that produces successful people whom breakthrough?
My belief is: it is neither.

You see, it all depends on the “choices” we make as individuals to consciously be aware of the triggers and warning signs that alert us of our discomfort levels and the decisions we make. When this occurs a person either pulls back, retreats and runs away, or we push forward through the discomfort to handle whatever we must confront. The later helps us develop and grow beyond our initial perceived limits mentally, emotionally and physically.

If we want to reach our maximum potential, we must be able to confront our fears and conquer ourselves first, so the world around us will seem a lot more tolerable and easier. When in fact it is us who are becoming stronger and more creative.
By constantly and continuously seeking to expand our comfort zone and influential relationships, we reach a higher level of existence and become more able, productive beings.

I always say: It is whom we become in our pursuit of success that makes the journey fun and exciting. It is not just the end goal no matter how we define success.

Those who understand the nature of the game, realize that we must cause things to happen and not just be the effect of what is happening. So we should work with what we have (our nature) and focus on improving ourselves (nurture) to a higher level of existence by making the tough decision (the choice) to constantly self-improve and push beyond the comfortable and familiar. We must push beyond even if at times we feel its counter intuitive and unreasonable to do so. The few that reach their maximum potential and achieve breakthroughs in their field of endeavor are the few that seek constant self-betterment and not self-relaxation

Such a choice is not for everyone, as most people live in a “reactive mode”, being effect to their environment, tired and exhausted because they feel like they have to fight for everything. They usually do not enjoy what they do and have a hard time communicating with others. Any endeavor is a major challenge and they constantly need to go somewhere to recharge.

Focusing solely on avoiding pain and problems could be so destructive to one’s success that it limits people’s life experiences. Usually when one has failed at something or even gets a hint of discomfort from a potential loss, he/she withdraws and runs in another direction. When probably the best action to be taken would be to analyze what is happening, what caused it and why one feels a certain way.

Do what you like most. Do it well, and constantly seek ways to challenge yourself and grow beyond your perceived limits. You will soon find out that your circle of influence and comfort zone have expanded and so did your passion for living fully in prosperity and abundance instead of survival and scarcity.
The “pain” of the journey will become the profit that fuels your successes in your financial future.